About Us | The Music Garden

About Us

The Music Garden was founded in 1995 when our owner and creator, Luanne Harms' two passions; children and music, came to fruition. Today, we have expanded to include the larger community of children, teens and adults. Our programs are rooted in the fundamental belief that music is an innate part of each of us, and that we all can learn, enjoy, and grow through music. We are thrilled that you are exploring The Music Garden; whether you are a long-time student or a new community member looking to explore your musical side, we welcome you.

Our beautiful facility is located in MacDuff Crossing in Peachtree City, Ga, and features two suites: one with a piano lab that houses a grand piano and 9 high-quality full-sized digital pianos, a teaching classroom. and a welcoming lobby. The other suite features 5 studios, our offices and a lobby that comfortably seats our guests.

We invite you to tour our facilities, meet with our staff and instructors, and set up a free demo class or lesson. We would love for you to join our musical family.

Our Mission

Our mission is to offer a joyful, welcoming environment in which students and families of diverse backgrounds and ages have the opportunity to explore their unique musical talents and to bring the best of themselves, their creativity, and their intellectual skills to their musical studies.

Our Vision

Our vision is to offer high-quality instruction in various disciplines to students of all ages and abilities, and to enrich families and our community through the promotion of, and dedication to, the study of music.

Our Values

  • We develop minds and build character through the study of music
  • We embody community. We celebrate the connection music brings to our community, both in studio our city and beyond.
  • We believe inclusiveness and diversity enrich learning.
  • We cultivate excellence and strive for high musical achievements reflected in all areas of life.
  • We believe in working hard. Focus, discipline and resilience are required in everything we do.
  • We nurture creativity and recognize that innovative problem-solving sparks critical thinking.