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Music for Families

Mixed Ages 24mos - 4 years (with parent/caregiver)

What to Expect

Classes meet one time per week

This mixed-age class is perfect for family music-making. Having families together with their caregivers singing, playing instruments, and dancing is absolutely magical. Older children are challenged to develop language skills and to use their imagination in new ways.

The rhymes and songs are just as appealing to the younger children in the room, whether it is the toddler enjoying the movement and instrumental play or the older child who enjoys learning the preshool music concepts while bonding with the caregiver.

About the Class

This is a wonderful option for families with children ages 24 months through 4 years in which our morning and afternoon classes do not work well for their schedules. This class is a mixture of families with siblings and families with one child.

Class duration is 45 minute sessions once a week with a class size is 5 - 10 families. Entry Age is 24 months to 4 years old. Younger siblings are not allowed to register for class without prior approval. Please check with us.

Fall, 2024 - August 17 - December 14.

Saturdays: 10:00am - 10:45am


Tuition: $405 / $81 per month for 5 months August 1 - December 1
Registration Fee: $25.00 per student

Meet Our Teacher


1Are there materials to purchase?
No. Your registration will come with a semester instrument. We will be giving you information to purchase the music and books used in class if you would like to enjoy them at home.
2How frequent are the classes?
Classes are one time per week for 45 minutes per class
3Can siblings attend class?
Siblings not registered for the class and friends may not attend class unless prior arrangement has been made with the instructor.
4Is registration open for this class?
Yes. You can join us anytime during the semester. If you enroll after semester start, we will prorate your tuition.