The Music Garden - Award Winning Music Lessons in Peachtree City, Georgia
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Our Mission

Our mission is to offer a joyful, welcoming environment in which students and families of diverse backgrounds and ages have the opportunity to explore their unique musical talents and to bring the best of themselves, their creativity, and their intellectual skills to their musical studies.


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Registration for 2024 / 2025 classes (Babies, Toddlers, Group Piano) is OPEN!!

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  • Katie B.

    Our family has been attending classes at The Music Garden for a couple of years. I have watched my children (ages 3 and 1) grow out of their shyness and bloom into dancers and singers. It has provided my husband and me with memorable quality time with them. My children look forward to class each week, but the highlight is Ms Luanne. She has always treated my children and me with dignity and love. She is always smiling, always cheerful, and always makes each child feel cherished. It might be easy to find a place to sing with your children, but it won't be magical without a dedicated teacher like Ms Luanne.

    Katie B.
    Fayetteville, GA
  • Rachel J.

    My son loves going to his toddler (periwinkle) class at The Music Garden. I can see him developing great skills just from the songs and activities in the classes. Miss Luanne is so easy and fun to work with. I can tell that she really loves each and every child (and parent, and nana, etc!) that come into her studio. It takes skill to wrangle a room full of toddlers but she does it with ease! I also love that the classes build upon each other and will eventually lead to my son learning to play the piano. It has been a great way for me to meet other moms in the community as well. We love the Music Garden PTC!

    Rachel J.
    Newnan, GA
  • Ashley A.

    We enrolled our daughter Lillian at The Music Garden when a friend recommended it to us. Over the past year, we have seen Lillian flourish and mature musically, socially, and personally. Lillian turned 2 in March and she is constantly singing the songs from music class. I can tell a difference in social interaction and obedience as well. Ms. Luanne engages them with music, instruments, dancing and love on a weekly basis. We not only feel like we are part of a music class, we feel like we are part of a family. I would highly recommend The Music Garden to anyone who is looking to get their child involved in a loving, teaching, and fun atmosphere.

    Ashley A.
    Senoia, GA
  • Jackie D.

    This music program has been fabulous for our family. Music opens the brain and stimulates the love of learning in a powerful way. It's been thrilling to watch our three children rapidly blossom in their knowledge and abilities in music. We're looking forward to many more years of fun and learning in Luanne's Music Garden!

    Jackie D.
    Senoia, GA
  • Georgina R.

    We have really enjoyed music class with you on Friday mornings. It is something I look forward to every week, not only because I can see how much (my daughter) enjoys it but because I get to see other wonderful people, too. It has been great to see how (my daughter) has developed socially and cognitively in class. This is why everybody should do music class with their children - at The Music Garden!!! (I have been telling my friends). You really have something great at your studio and you have been so welcoming and made the class very enjoyable. Thank you so much. We will be back for more. I might even talk to you about starting my 5 year old in piano lessons! Thank you again for a wonderful music class!
    (letter from Georgina to Ms. Luanne)

    Georgina R.
    Senoia, GA
  • Joanna H.

    Thanks for a great year an making learning music so much fun! Luke always has a smile on his face when we walk out that door. We always have a great Monday because of you!
    (letter from Joanna to Ms Luanne)

    Joanna H.
    Senoia, GA
  • Lisa A.

    Thank you so much for all of your love, energy and creativity in class every week. Laurie and Sophia look forward to class every week and music has become even more of a part of our lives at home! We love your warm heart and beautiful voice!
    (letter from Lisa to Ms Luanne)

    Lisa A.
    Tyrone, GA
  • Laurie Q.

    Lisa is right! (see above)! Music is one of our favorite classes. Sophia has learned so much! We have truly been blessed to have you as our music teacher. We will miss you but will be waiting for the next class to start. We will keep singing and dancing in the meantime!
    (letter from Laurie to Ms Luanne)

    Laurie Q.
  • Christine T.

    I need to do a shout out to The Music Garden in Peachtree City. We just moved, and I am trying to replace this fantastic studio, and I see that that is an impossible task. I know a lot about music and child development (both of my degrees), so I know quality when I see it. If you have young children, live near Peachtree City, and are not enrolled, you, my friends, are missing something special (actually your children are). The program is designed to start as young as you want (my son was three weeks old when we started) and lead into piano playing by ear (you learn to hear music before you read it).
    (Posted on Facebook June 2015)

    Christine T.
  • Kristy Hollis Lilly

    We love this place!! Mrs. Luanne is wonderful with her students. She knows just what to say and how to encourage them on their musical journey. Our son (age 8) began lessons a little over a year ago. He's able to listen to notes and chords and then repeat them on his own, compose his own short pieces to play, and he now has a collection of songs he's learned and loves to play for others. As an added bonus, we've noticed improvement in his listening skills too! We plan to be a part of the Music Garden family for a long time!

    Kristy Hollis Lilly
  • Lauren Pearson

    My 2 1/2 year old and I have been in class for a few months and he loves it! He has never been in preschool, and we toured a couple for the first time today. I was so proud that the 3 year old preschool curriculum is being regularly covered by Mrs. Luanne in our class, and he has already mastered most of it! Recognizing your name, alphabet, sounds of the letters, numbers, colors...She makes it so fun too! Thanks, Mrs. Luanne!!

    Lauren Pearson
  • Natalie Rodriguez Coscia

    I went to The Music Garden with my 9 month old while living in Peachtree City with my 9-month old while living in Peachtree City for work. My baby loved the music, the atmosphere and the compnay! We've tried two different music classes in Los Angeles and nothing has come close to the amazing program offered by Miss Luanne! Wish we could go back!

    Natalie Rodriguez Coscia