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When it comes to the mastering of a fretted instrument, one must first conquer the basics. Learning music theory is like learning grammar in grade school. Once you get a handle on the basics, your ability to truly express yourself through the instrument will magnify infinitely. Helping students learn melody, harmony, chord progressions, riffs, licks and much more will empower confidence into any person, young or old, who desires to pursue the language of music.

Before we dive into the beginnings of music and music theory, we must first learn how to care for and maintain the instrument. We must learn how the pieces all work together, and we must learn how TIME is your friend and NOT an enemy. Musicians are always in constant pursuit of being master of tempo and time! We must also learn how to put hands into all of those awkward, funny positions that make the instrument sound good!

About Private Lessons

Practice is mandatory for private lessons. Parents of younger students must commit to assisting their child with daily practice.

Instrument: Student must have a good quality instrument for lessons. No "toy" ukuleles or guitars, please. We would be happy to help you find an instrument to purchase!

Suggested Daily Practice:

Ages 6-8: 15-20 min
Ages 9-13: 30 - 40 min
Ages 14 and above: 45 - 60 min

The students are invited to participate in two recitals each year: winter (late November or early December)
and spring, (late April or early May).
There is a recital fee of $25 due in November and April.

Meet Our Teachers

Guitar / Bass / Ukulele

Brandon Bolton

Guitar / Bass / Ukulele

Jack Gordy

Guitar / Bass / Ukulele

Frank van der Merwe

caleb 480×500

Caleb Bright


1How much do private lessons cost?

$50.00 Registration Fee

30 minutes: $36.00 per lesson/$144.00 monthly

45 minutes: $54.00 per lesson/$216.00 monthly

60 minutes: $72.00 per lesson/$288.00 monthly

2What days of the week are guitar / bass / ukulele lessons offered?
Lessons are available 7 days a week pending instructor availability. We will make every effort to find a day and time that meet your schedule needs.
3Do I need to have my own instrument?
Yes. We can assist you by making suggestions for purchasing the correct instrument.
4Do you teach adults?
Absolutely! We have a number of adult students at all skill levels
5What if I miss a lesson?
As much advance notice as possible will help us to schedule makeup lessons. Make-ups for missed lessons are at the discretion of the instructor and cannot be guaranteed.
6Can I request a specific instructor?
Yes. When our office contacts you to set up a demo lesson, just let us know if you prefer a particular instructor.