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Piano Classes

Ages 5 – 12


In our Let's Play Music Piano Classes we use the reputable music curriculum, Let's Play Music. This exciting curriculum teaches advanced musical skills to young children (beginning age is 5-6) through play, experience, and discovery! Let's Play Music is a complete three-year music course based on proven philosophies and research. It emphasizes total musicianship through piano playing, singing, folk and classical music, note reading, and ear training.

The typical beginning piano student is 7-9 years old. Developmentally, it is not appropriate (nor, let's face it, very fun...) to have this child sitting on a bench for 30-minutes with an adult pointing at minuscule symbols in a book. Private lessons are typically low energy and fail to provide a stimulating and energetic experience.

Children aged 8 and older have fine motor skills that are ready for playing the piano. Instruction and practice for proper piano playing technique is essential to implement from the very first lesson.

Let's Play Music Piano Classes

Ages 5 Years - 12 Years

Piano Classes​: Ages 5 years - 6 years with caregiver

Your child will learn the things that cause us as adults to say that a person is musically talented. Can you teach talent? YOU BET!!! Research has shown that musical aptitude (talent) is more acquired than it is hereditary. "Musically talented" people are so, not because of genetics, but because of exposure to a musical environment at a young age.

​Presto: Ages 7 - 12 Years with caregiver

Presto teaches so much more than piano! We teach COMPLETE musicianship: vocal training, ear training, sight reading, music theory, rhythm, music history, proper piano technique, and we do it in a fun, snappy style that tweens love! Most likely, those students who already have had a year or so of piano haven't studied all areas of music. In fact, they most likely have only dabbled a little in rhythm, have some note reading skills, and developed some finger strength. We include an optional "challenge" section written into the Presto curriculum to satisfy the appetite of hard-working students and that of students who already have finger dexterity built from previous piano lessons.

Bridge - For graduates of Let's Play Music

​Bridge is designed to help Let's Play Music graduates continue their total musicianship education.

​Each carefully crafted lesson includes instruction on ear training, harmony, melody, sight reading, rhythm, music history, theory, technique and musicality. Bridge allows graduates to review, explore and expand on the foundation that they have worked so carefully to develop over the last three years.

Bridge students will gain a truly remarkable understanding of music as they build their skills. Those who complete the Bridge program will develop a deeper confidence in their musical abilities which will help them succeed in private piano lessons or other further music instruction.